LMS for Schools has a very important role to play in online training as we face the new normal. Resources are always scarce. Budgets are tight; demands are enormous. Productivity and cold data drive decision-making, sometimes obscuring the children at the center of the learning organization. As we go on blended training or distance learning training, Learning Management Systems (LMS) for schools and companies are very important as we face the new normal.

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What is a Learning Management System (LMS) for Schools?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based technology application used to plan, implement and assess a specific online training or commonly known as eLearning.

An LMS must connect all interested users around a central depository of information. An LMS for schools and companies contains archived and live records. It provides asynchronous, remote learning opportunities, and it stores all the results of those learning experiences for organized retrieval.

Why Does Schools Need a LMS?

An LMS is a solution for huge logistical burdens:

  • Student record and maintenance
  • Courses and Modules repository
  • Student or user progress record
  • Teachers records

For educators, an LMS is the work place for course and module creation.

For students, a. LMS will be a place of wonderful learning experience synchronous and asynchronous.

For administrators, an LMS saves lots of time developing and monitoring learning system.

For parents, an LMS gives immediate, timely results and improved communication

How Will Our Teachers Benefit from an LMS?

An LMS converts paperwork module into a digitalized module. An LMS for schools can monitor progress, track student time on tasks, and provide real-time glimpses of student performance.

How Students Benefit from an LMS?

Students are the reason for educational technology, educators, schools, and textbooks exist. LMS for schools is, perhaps, a student’s greatest learning tool. A good LMS can be shaped to accommodate all learners, across abilities and time zones, across learning styles and interests.

Choosing the suitable LMS can boost student performance, enhance educators’ professional development, make teachers more effective, satisfy record-keeping requirements for central offices, and improve parents’ impressions of a school or school district.

Here are the Top 5 Popular LMS for Schools in the Philippines

LMS for schools

1. Moodle

It is open-source and is supported by a global community of developers due to which localization becomes easy and is highly configurable.

Moodle is a popular learning management system developed to provide tutors, administrators, and customers with a single strong, safe and secure integrated platform for developing customized learning platforms for its customers.

It offers multiple dynamic programs to learn anywhere anytime.

2. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a very flexible learning management system that is developed to create a compact, most instinctive, simple and hassle-free learning experience. It is an online e-platform, which is instantly available and provides great scalability and power to spare.

It offers strong program development tools that adjust to various e-learning platforms.

3. Canvas

Canvas is a famous Learning Management system that gives a platform to the learners and educators to display their skills when they want to. It is very simple and easy to use. Its features include open source, supporting customization, good support, high speed, secured, scalable and low risk as it is cloud-based.

Canvas has been developed to get out of the customer’s way and let them do their things.

4. Schoology

Schoology is a powerful Learning Management system and is created for the collaboration between instructor and student.

It is very useful to develop and spread learning materials. It provides a flexible learning platform for customers to experience a unique digital learning experience. Students can share their practice both locally and globally. It offers a supreme versatile e-platform.

5. Edmodo

Edmodo is a team that is dedicated to improving the learning skills for students, teachers, parents, and admins everywhere. It helps to connect the learners with people and customers to reach their full potential.

It is also the largest learning network for K-12 students, teachers, and administrators. It is capable of engaging customers throughout the learning program.

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